Today the Washington Spirit unveiled their new logo to the public after collaborating with freelancer Pete Schwadel.

“We collaborated for a few weeks with a great designer who offered his help, and the result was just too good to pass up,” Washington Spirit General Manager Chris Hummer said.

Schwadel caught the attention of many NWSL fans, and now we know at least one team, when he posted his logo redesign ideas at the end of January.

Here is a little more information on the new logo design:

  • Overall shape is meant to resemble torch burning with spirit.
  • The 11 stars in the crown represent the players.
  • The 12th star represents the fans, and is located in the belly of the design, where the fuel of the torch would be housed.
  • Both “Washington” and “DC” were incorporated to connect the team to the District and the overall metro area of the nation’s capital.
  • The entire logo is wrapped in a banner of spirit to symbolize patriotism and to honor the flag in remembrance of all who have sacrificed to allow us all to enjoy the freedoms we have today.
  • If you can use Twitter as a judge the response has been really positive.

FYI … Schwadel is the designer of the map we use on the NWSL Teams Page … however we’ll need to get an updated version from him with the new logo.