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NWSLNews.com Team

Scott Lewis - Twitter - View My Articles

I launched NWSLNews.com in early 2013 with the main goal of creating an NWSL news source written by fans, for fans. I am an avid soccer fan who grew up following the KC Comets and the KC Wizards (now Sporting KC). Former season ticket holder for the St. Louis Athletica and a current season ticket holder for FC Kansas City.

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Caitlin Murray - Twitter - View My Articles

Excited to be part of the continued growth in women's soccer, both as a fan and as part of the NWSL News team.

Candace Young - Twitter - View My Articles

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with women’s soccer over the past few months! Yes, I am a newb, but the passion is here to stay. Writing for NWSL News is incredibly exciting for me! I know I don’t have the money to propel the league into having the stability we all hope for, but I believe that writing about the league and getting the word out there even more is the best I can do to keep them relevant.

Cynthia Murillo - Twitter - View My Articles

Soccer and the NWSL has sparked my interest because I did grow up playing soccer. I have always loved the game and wanted to get involved in any way possible.

Emily Dulhanty - Twitter - View My Articles

There is something so pure about women’s football: none of the diving or faking shenanigans that we sometimes see in the men’s game happen. Among the players, is a pure commitment to winning for their team for 90 minutes; or 122 minutes, as was the case for quite possibly the most exciting women’s football match of all time: USA vs Canada, August 6th 2012. The pure joy the game brings is why I love it.

Itzel Cortez - Twitter - View My Articles

I fell in love with soccer at the age of 5 and I haven't looked back since. I played soccer from the age of 7 through high school, but due to knee injuries I had to quit my senior year. I love women's soccer, I follow the Australian W-league and the German Bundesliga. I'm a big USWNT supporter and for that reason I fully support the NWSL.

Jacquelyn Brazzale - Twitter - View My Articles

Getting to write for NWSLNews.com has given me a great opportunity to combine my two passions in life: soccer and journalism. I’ve player soccer for as long as I can remember and when I got older I realized I wanted to peruse journalism. I support the Sounders, Arsenal and Barca but my favorite team? The USWNT. Why? Well I believe it was Julie Foudy that said, “Soccer was invented by a man, by perfected by women.”

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Jeremiah Braeback - Twitter - View My Articles

To say I am sports obsessed is an understatement. I grew up going to games with my parents and hearing about my grandfather, a pro soccer player. As a child I had an amazing memory for sports facts and stats, a trait I still have today, so it just makes sense that I write about sports. I am now a season ticket holder for the Thorns, Timbers, and Winterhawks. Of all the sports I follow though, soccer has always been #1, and I probably go to around 75 live games a year in addition to coaching at a local youth club. With a new team and league, the possibilities are endless!

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Kareen Drot - Twitter - View My Articles

With the reestablishment of a women's soccer league, the passion for quality football has been reignited. The athletes associated with the league are incredible individuals who have persevered against the odds to play a sport they grew up admiring. Now, they have been given another chance to display why soccer is a beautiful game, and more importantly inspire a new generation. They fought through the uncertainty as to the stability of women's football as a modern enterprise, and for that I admire the athletes and organizers that helped revive women's football.

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Lillian Kashishian - Twitter - View My Articles

I have always loved writing, especially about sports. Being able to write for NWSLNews.com has granted me a chance to gain valuable experience and share my love of writing. Ever since the Women's World Cup in 2011, I fell in love with the U.S. Women's National Team and soccer itself. I believe that the NWSL can accomplish many things in the upcoming years.