Yes, NWSL News Headlines are officially back. We were on hiatus during the NWSL Preseason but now that the regular season is upon us the NWSL news has been coming at us at full-force. Tonight’s NWSL News Headlines will also contain news from Monday and Tuesday as a lot has happened over the past 72 hours.

NWSL begins with hope and growing pains at the Washington Post

No one ever said starting a league would be smooth and easy, especially one thrown together on short notice. The National Women’s Soccer League has had to hit the ground running — in steel-toe construction boots.

Looking back at Round 1 of the NWSL season at

Even with its foibles, the NWSL got off to a strong start. A standout evening in Kansas City kicked off the season, and even with teams unsettled by international callups during the last weeks of preseason, the quality of play was promising. Though technical issues and facilities quirks drew dejected moans from those with unreasonably high expectations, the first week of the new women’s league was a successful one, one which left one team alone at the top of the table:

– NWSL Week in Review: About Those Little Things at

And so, here we are again with another women’s professional league, the NWSL opening up this weekend. Unfortunately – and probably unfairly – for the NWSL, it has the burden of two failed leagues that came before it on its shoulders, but while reality and perception can often take diverging roads, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish which one is which without careful examination.

Bailey discusses opening weekend, expansion rumors at

Bailey spoke with The Equalizer about her thoughts on opening weekend as well as the rumors regarding Canadian expansion for next year. In the video above, Bailey says that “clearly there is interest and we’ll assess that…in the next couple of months.”

– Three good questions with NWSL director Cheryl Bailey at

In terms of a few of the technical difficulties, I’m surprised given that we had four-and-a-half months to pull this off that we were able to even attempt some of those opportunities, and it will take a little bit (of time). But like anything, anybody who started anything, who’s been involved with anything from the ground knows, it’s putting in that hard work. Working through, trouble-shooting the (problems) that you get. When you come through that, you bear the fruits of your labor.

– Christie Rampone being a mentor/mom to Sky Blue’s young players at

Christie Rampone stood at midfield Sunday night answering questions following Sky Blue’s inaugural game in the National Women’s Soccer League when her two daughters, Rylie and Reece, began to run circles around her as they played. Rampone has long since mastered the job of soccer player/mom, and the irony of the 37-year-old Rampone playing in the third attempt at a women’s professional league surrounded by kids just out of college was not lost on her.

Interview with Seattle Reign FC’s Jessica Fishlock [PODCAST] at The Women’s Football Podcast

Skip forward to the 21 minute mark to hear their feature of the NWSL and an interview with Seattle Reign FC’s Jessica Fishlock.

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