Looking for help promoting the NWSL

Last year I was in Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding and was riding on a shuttle bus between hotels when I heard two gentlemen behind me talking about soccer. One of them started talking about bringing his daughter to a match up in the New Jersey area so she could see one of her favorite players … Abby Wambach. I turned around (apologized for eavesdropping) and we had this great conversation for the rest of the trip about the NWSL and how much it meant to his daughter and her friends.

Once we departed the bus and said our goodbyes, a chill ran through me just thinking about how a league less than three weeks into their inaugural season had already won over his family and friends AND that this conversation happened in Las Vegas, a city almost 1,000 miles away from the closest NWSL club.

The chill subsided when I realized that I too was close to a 1,000 miles away from my home-base and all I wanted to do was jump on my computer and get back to the grind of reporting on the league.

A very quick backstory on the website … NWSL News was started a little over a year ago (January 7th, 2013 to be exact) with the goal of promoting the National Women’s Soccer League to the best of our ability … but with a twist.

We were in a unique position that allowed us to not only produce original content about the league but also to highlight the hard-work of our colleagues from various media outlets across the globe.

Over the past year our staff of volunteer writers published close to 400 articles and shot close to 10,000 photos while also promoting close to 150 articles from outside media outlets covering the NWSL … and this number will grow substantially during 2014.

But we also know that sharing the happenings of the league is just a small portion of what can be done to help strengthen and expand the NWSL fan base

This is where we really need the help.

Our volunteer photographers did an awesome job in 2013 and like we said before, have close to 10,000 photos documenting the season. What we’d love to be able to do is send you a package of shots you are featured in (with additional copies you can keep for your collection) and have you autograph as many of them as you wish and send them back our direction (we will include a postage paid envelope).

To help spread the word about the league to fans across the globe, these photographs will be used in various giveaways throughout the season from trivia contests to birthday surprises to seeing a fan at a local match wearing a Lauren Holiday jersey.

We promise that the signed photographs will not be sold in any way, shape or form.

We know that this is a huge request and your time is very valuable especially with the season right around the corner, but if you are interested in helping out in this fashion or have any other ideas, please send us an email or drop us a message on Twitter.

Thank you again for your dedication to the league and women’s soccer and look forward to an even more amazing season than last year!