Diane may not be a typical women’s soccer fan, but she may be one of the biggest. Diane used to be an athlete and enjoys soccer because it seems simple on the surface, but there is always more happening underneath. It’s about mental strength as well as physical. For these reasons, soccer has always held her attention.

“It is a team sport that only really succeeds when every member is engaged with every other member,” Diane said. “It can be played by all ages and only requires an open space and something resembling a ball.”

Diane is a woman in her fifties so she was unable to benefit from Title IX but she is excited by the progress women have made in sports. When she was younger she was a women’s rights activist and dreamed of a time when women had the same opportunities as men.

That day is today.

Diane sees the National Women’s Soccer League as a chance for women to make a breakthrough in a male dominated field. Living in Colorado, there isn’t a local team but she has supported Boston Breakers for years. Because sports, and soccer especially, have held such a large place in her heart she wants to do everything she can to support this new league.

“As far as soccer is concerned I think we’re right on the brink and I want to do what I can to support women chasing that dream,” Diane said.

Diane has offered to support players trying out for the Chicago Red Stars and Western New York Flash, despite the fact that she will be rooting against them. Both teams were the first to announce open tryouts and they did so via Twitter. Diane then sent tweets to both teams offering support.

It’s not the first time Diane has offered such help but it’s the first time she says that someone has taken her up on it. Currently, Diane is sponsoring two players from the Chicago Red Stars.

“”The Red Stars organization has been nothing but helpful in the process,” Diane said. “GM Alyse LaHue and intern Margo Baker are fantastic to work with.”

LaHue conveys the same sentiments about Diane.

“Diane has shown a great commitment to do what she can to support women’s soccer in this country, in spite of being located in an area without a pro team,” LaHue said. “This is the first time I have ever seen an open offer from someone to financially support aspiring players.”

Diane says that if she could financially support an entire team she would. In addition to sponsoring players, Diane has also purchased two sets of season tickets for every team. Every little bit counts and working together might help the success of the league. Diane isn’t the only one hoping that the third time will be the charm.

Thank you again to Diane for taking the time for this interview and for everything she is doing to help support the NWSL and women’s soccer. Feel free to send Diane a Tweet at @Deegley.