Melanie Booth, a 28 year old Ontario, Canada native and former defender at the University of Florida, will be playing for Sky Blue FC.

Melanie was a member of the U19 Canada Women’s National Team before earning her first senior team cap in 2002. In the 2007 Pan American Games, the CANWNT earned the bronze medal, but pumped it up for the 2011 Games, earning the gold medal by defeating defending champion Brazil. In the gold medal game, Melanie gave Canada a boost when she scored on a penalty kick in extra time. One of her most recent journeys was to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, where she and her Canadian teammates brought home the bronze after defeating France 1-0.

I recently got the opportunity to speak with Melanie about the CANWNT, Sky Blue FC and the upcoming NWSL season.


You’ll be playing for Sky Blue FC in the inaugural season of the NWSL. How excited are you?

I’m really excited about this upcoming season, to play in the league with such high quality players. It’s the ideal situation to be in.

What do you think Sky Blue FC has in store for this season?

I think our team is pretty exciting. I’ve only been with the team for one week but just seeing the team members and how people are stepping up, it’s going to be quite an exciting season for us. I hope to see us all the way through.

What was it like standing on the podium at Wembly Stadium in London?

It was pretty incredible I don’t think I’ve ever felt such pure joy standing up there. It was a long day in general but by the time we got up to the podium we were pretty giddy.

In June there is going to be a rematch of U.S. and Canada, I’m guessing you’ll want some revenge, right?

It’s always a good match playing against the U.S. Every time we play them it’s a grudge match. It’s like the battle of the border or whatever you want to call it. Most people look at it as a revenge match, but for us it’s always a big match to play against them. Every time we play them it’s a close game, and a good battle.

You’ve been playing with the Canadian Women’s National Team for 11 years and you’ve been traveling all over the world. Does it ever take a toll on your personal life and your body?

When you travel through different time zones, and you’re switching back and forth, it takes its toll because you don’t know where you really are. But it’s something I’ve done my whole life and I don’t really know any other way.  In terms of social life, it’s just what I’m used to.

When you were younger, did you play any other sports? 

I grew up playing soccer, basketball, volleyball, and hockey.

As a lot of people know, Canada is considered to be the mecca of hockey. Why did you chose soccer rather than hockey where you could go down the street and there’s a rink?

If I hadn’t been playing soccer I think hockey would have been my sport. I grew up playing a combination of sports and soccer was the one that I excelled in out of all of them so I tried playing them all as long as possible. When soccer became more serious and more time consuming I had to just pick.

You’ve traveled a lot, and as much as athletes hate to pick one place as their favorite, I’m going to put you on the spot. Where was your favorite travel spot?

That’s tough. Most recently I would have to say London but we’ve been to some pretty cool places. We lived in Italy for a few months and I really enjoyed it, so I would have to say Italy!

What did you eat in Italy?

Good question. Pasta, a lot of pasta! On our days off we would go into the city and get some pizza and gelato.


A big thank you goes out to Melanie for taking the time to do this interview with us, and good luck to you and Sky Blue FC on the upcoming NWSL Season. You can follow Melanie on Twitter @melbooth13.