An exciting venture was announced today by the Boston Breakers as they introduced a Kickstarter campaign set to promote and launch an instructional soccer video series designed for girls.

The campaign is being called “Beautiful: Teaching Girls Soccer the Boston Breakers Way.” The series will be targeted towards parents and coaches in hopes that it will not only educate coaches and parents but influence a new generation of girls to adopt an athletic lifestyle but to do so in a healthy manner. The videos will combine an instructional guide from experts on how to avoid serious injuries by implementing a proper training regiment that is suitable for young females.

The Breakers team clearly did their research as they discovered that there is a copious amount of print, video and course resources available to produce athletes however very few are designed for girls. It is determined that girls process and understand coaching information differently than their male counterparts, and this is an aspect that is covered by the videos.

Lee Billiard, the Breakers GM, said “We believe this project will address a critical need.” It certainly will, as we have witnessed the surge of support by young athletes to adopt an athletic lifestyle, and aspire to one day play professionally. Billiard continued to say that “America has the best female soccer players in the world, and soccer gives girls benefits that last a lifetime. But only if it’s taught the right way.”

The project itself is inspiring as all participating parties that are making this venture possible, are members of society that are actively involved in shaping women’s soccer. The series is to be produced by Word Syndicate, and the owner/executive producer for the company is Ralph Ranalli. He is the president of Newton Girls Soccer, and a soccer parent/coach.

The roots for this project are obvious as Ranalli joins the Breakers Coach Lisa Cole and experts from sports medicine and various coaching staff to produce an educational video series to inform the public on the psychology difference between boys and girls and how this affects their interaction with sports and/or motivation to participate in sports. In addition, the videos will address the statistics that demonstrate that teenage girls are eight times more likely to suffer from knee injuries; however, the instructional videos will demonstrate how to avoid these injuries.

At the moment only two versions are planned for the project, one specifically designed for parents and one for coaches.

If you are interested in learning more about the project please click here to view the Kickstarter campaign page or watch the video below.